Monday, July 19, 2010


Next week, Round Rock Players is joining forces with Be Groovy Be Green, the weekly internet TV show, to bring you the Be Groovy, Be Green Show Camp!

Be Groovy Be Green is the fun internet show created by Maureen Haskell to inspire kids to be friendly and eco-active through stories, songs, and play. With years of experience, 12 shows, and multiple camps under her belt, Maureen guarantees a fun, energizing, and inspiring camp for kids BIG and SMALL! Add some crazy Round Rock Players-playing to the mix, and watch your kiddo come home begging for more!

Held at the Austin  Eco School, this week-long camp includes storytelling, eco-activities, arts & crafts, and performances -- all leading to the filming of the big BGBG show.

 Not only will the kids help create and act in the BGBG show, they will also receive a DVD of the show AND receive a 24-show subscription to the BGBG Internet channel.

When: July 26 - 30, 2010

Where: Austin Eco School

Cost: $125 for 5 days 9am-12pm
         $175 for 5 days 9am-4pm

This is a great way for your kids to express themselves, make new friends, learn what they can do to help the environment, and become a STAR! Don't miss out!!

For more information on Be Groovy Be Green, or to see a sample of the BGBG Internet TV show, click HERE! Ready to register your child for the BGBG Show Camp? Email Maureen!

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