"I am so genuinely delighted that our daughter, Keagan, has been enrolled in Amy York's Round Rock Players since Summer 2009. Throughout the year, I have watched my somewhat mousy child blossom into a more self-confident and more self-aware child. Something special ignited inside of Keagan during the first play she was in. She was really proud of her efforts and her contribution to make a story come to life in front of an audience. It sparked a new passion! Keagan loves the freedom of self discovery that Amy's class inspires, because as Keagan learns more about portraying characters, she is also learning about what she is capable of doing herself. I am so grateful that Amy is Keagan's teacher! Amy keeps her class entertained with warm-up exercises and fun games. She also encourages each student to be creative and to shape characters with some of their own personal touches. Amy allows all of her students to be involved in every creation of the play, including help with props, costumes, and backdrops. Keagan always feels she is part of an important team and holds enormous pride in the results."

---Laura Friend