Round Rock Players is a FAMILY organization, and as a family, we understand that providing YOUR family with unique, valuable experiences like our classes and camps can be difficult to achieve on a budget.

We will gladly work with our participating families to assist with tuition. Take a look at some of our available discounts:

Refer-a-friend: $15 off tuition

Group registration: Register with a group of 6 or more, and each registrant gets $20 off their tuition.

Multi-sibling: For families with more than one child registering, each add'l sibling receives a $20 discount.

Multi-class: For students enrolling in more than one class per session, second class is 1/2 off!

Stage Moms: Each class needs at least one stage mom (or dad!) to assist with dress rehearsals and performances. Volunteer to be a Stage Mom, and receive a 50% discount on your child's tuition.

Photo Manager: Don't let the name fool you -- the job is much easier than it sounds! We need photographer-type to help with shooting and printing cast photos for each show. Volunteer for your child's class, and receive 50% off their tuition.

There are many other areas where we can use assistance in exchange for tuition reduction, such as costuming, advertising sales, and performance space. If you have a talent or skill you think we could use, please contact Amy -- we'll do whatever we can to work with every family to ensure that NO CHILD is denied due to inability to pay.